Bagged Leaf Program


Got extra leaves?

For the month of December, the City is offering leaf pickup to those residents who have too many leaves to fit into their green waste can and who don’t live in the downtown area that currently receives service from the leaf truck.

There is no charge for this pickup nor limit to how many bags will be collected, and it is available to all City residents. This service will be provided on Thursdays throughout the month of December.

If you would like to schedule a pickup for your bagged leaves, please see the below instructions:

  • Call the Public Services Line at (916) 434-2450 to schedule a pickup. These pickups are not automatic and therefore need to be scheduled. Thursdays have been designated as the “leaf pickup day” for this program.
  • Place your extra green waste (leaves only) into a garbage bag.
  • No open or overflowing bags of leaves will be accepted, so please make sure the bags are tied.
  • Please place the filled bag(s) at the curb by 6 AM on your scheduled Thursday.
  • Bags containing other related plant material, garbage, or other waste will not be picked up.

This service will be provided during the month of December. To schedule this service, please call Public Works at (916) 434-2450.