Construction & demolition waste can be brought to the Western Regional Sanitary Landfill and disposed of at the following rates:

Construction & Demolition Waste:

Wood Waste:
$26.00/ton, $7.00/yard

Applies to separated loads of wood, including: lumber, plywood, particle board, and tree trunks and limbs less than 24 inches in length and greater than one inch in diameter. Loads can contain no more than 1% of contaminants. Contaminants include treated or painted wood. Treated wood waste will be charged at the C&D rate. Includes railroad ties, phone poles and painted wood. Treated wood is defines as wood that has been treated with a chemical preservative for purposes of protecting the wood against attacks from insects, microorganisms, fungi and other environmental conditions.

Inert Materials:

Applies to separated loads of uncontaminated dirt, rock, asphalt and concrete if free from re-bar or mesh and broken into pieces less than 2′ x 2′ x 4″.