Plastic Caps

Put in Garbage

Residents can recycle newspapers, glass, and plastic soda bottles. Only put clean newspaper, plastic and glass bottles. Any contaminants, such as food or liquids, render the material nonrecyclable. 

Recycling is available at the following locations:

McBean Park
Map & Directions
Drop Off Area: Near Football/Baseball Stadium in the D Street Parking Lot

Joiner Park
Map & Directions
Drop Off Area: Joiner Parkway and Nicolaus Road; Box Located Behind Parking Lot

Twelve Bridges Library
485 Twelve Bridges Drive
Map & Directions
(916) 434-2410


Recycle When Attached to the Bottle

You can recycle plastic caps if they’re screwed onto plastic bottles or Tetra-Paks (ex. juice or broth box).


Throw Away Loose Caps

Loose plastic caps cannot be recycled. They are too small for recycling equipment to separate out and recycle with other hard plastics.