How to Recycle Plastic Bags: A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Did you know that plastic bags are actually recyclable? They don’t get recycled when you toss them into your curbside garbage. Unlike hard plastics, they are incredibly thin and flexible, so they are nearly impossible to sort. However, you can recycle them another way.

Many grocery stores have special bins to collect plastic bags, and these bags are often recycled into plastic lumber for park benches and outdoor decks. It’s better to recycle plastic bags than throw to them in the trash, because it’s easy for them to blow away at the landfill and become litter in the local environment and waterways.

Stores that often accept plastic bags for recycling include Raley’s, Safeway, Save Mart, Target, Walmart, WinCo and Whole Foods. You can find plastic bag recycling at the following places in Lincoln:

51 Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln, CA | (916) 644-4030
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67 Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln, CA | (916) 408-0800
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950 Groveland Ln, Lincoln, CA | (916) 251-3002
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255 Lincoln Blvd, Lincoln, CA | (916) 209-5129
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Remember that plastic bags include bread bags, cereal box liners, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, produce bags, sandwich bags, plastic wrap packaging and more.

Plastic bags should be clean, dry and completely empty before being recycled. If a bag tears or crinkles, it’s not recyclable.