Shredded Paper Is Difficult to Recycle

Shredded paper is a recycling conundrum! It is technically recyclable, but because of how tiny it is, it’s easy for it to slip through the paper separator at a recycling facility.

Shredding paper also shortens its fibers, which reduces the paper’s potential for future use. Shredded paper fibers are almost too small to be useful or valuable to recyclers. It’s also possible for shredded paper to contaminate the recycling process by slipping past the paper-making screens.

So how do you make sure shredded paper gets recycled? The most effective way is to pack it into a paper bag and staple the bag shut. You can also add your shredded paper to your home compost instead of recycling it.

Ultimately, the best way to solve the shredded paper conundrum is to limit how much paper you shred in the first place. Only shred the portions of papers that contain sensitive information.